A Deep Love for Egypt Spurs Social Entrepreneurial SpiritSubmitted byRania Salah Seddik

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October Grantee of the Month: FIA Global Focuses on Alternative Tech To Connect the Last Mile to Banking ServicesSubmitted byBlythe Nicole Kladney

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Oct 10: Join DM Grantees to Discuss Scaling Up Health Services!

Scaling Up Health Services:

A Discussion on the Crucial Role Private Actors Play in Delivering Health Services

Friday, October 10th, 12:45 pm– 1:45 pm

World Bank Group I Buidling

1850 Eye Street,


Oct 08, 2014

Scaling Up Health Services:


Feb 26, 2014

We at the Development Marketplace are pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for the 2014 India Development Marketplace that...


Have you seen the Development Marketplace YouTube channel lately? Find out about the Development Marketplace project that created a value chain from Mongolian herders to the markets and factories where their raw wool is turned into cashmere. Vegetables harvested by farmers in India were being thrown out before a Development Marketplace project proposed in 2008 began distributing Mini Cold Storage systems to farmer markets and, in the process, creating jobs for rural unemployed youth. It is "food for thought" for any social entrepreneur.