The first Global DM was held in 2000. It was a fully open competition with proposals originating from both inside and outside the World Bank. 43 winning projects shared the award pool of US$5 million in start-up funds. DM2000 accepted proposals addressing five thematic areas:


  1. Promoting good government strengthening the ability of the public sector, monitoring and publicizing the quality of public services, increasing the effectiveness of government's expenditure control, budget management, and tax policy.
  2. Combating corruption reducing opportunities for politicians and civil servants to exploit public ownership and control, putting in place internal rules for the monitoring and accountability of the civil service, spotlighting the economic and human consequences to apply pressure on political structures.
  3. Developing legal and judicial systems defining property rights clearly, increasing the capacity to enforce contracts, strengthening an independent judiciary and enacting laws to govern corporations, competition, bankruptcy, and foreign investment.
  4. Strengthening financial and regulatory systems reforming banks, developing capital markets, aligning the interests of bankers, regulators, and corporate managers and stockholders, building sustainable savings and lending institutions that reach out broadly and aggressively to the poor.
  5. Insulating the poor from crises putting safety nets in place to shield people and economies from new vulnerabilities, ensuring universal access to essential services and addressing globalization with a human face.