The second Global DM was held in January 2002. This marketplace received over 2,400 entries from 120 countries. After two rounds of rigorous assessment, an independent jury selected 39 winners who shared the total award of US$4.5 million. DM2002 accepted proposals addressing two thematic areas:


Empowering Poor People to Participate in Development and Investing in Them. Effective participation involves bringing the influence of poor people into the development process, enabling them to develop their capabilities and to contribute to and benefit from growth. Basic services, especially education and health, are a priority. Building poor people's assets, and protecting those who are most vulnerable, are also essential elements of poverty reduction.


Building the Climate for Investment, Jobs, and Sustainable Growth.Sustainable and equitable growth is vital for the generation of the jobs and the resources for services that are crucial for poverty reduction. This growth depends fundamentally on creating a positive investment climate for micro, small, medium, and large firms including the related governance, institutional and policy structures, and the necessary infrastructure. It also means reducing volatility and the risk of financial crisis.


These themes underpin the World Bank Group's priorities in the fight against poverty. They are inter-related, embody an emphasis on capacity building, and reflect the translation of the main themes of the World Bank's World Development Report 2000 into action opportunity, empowerment and security. Taken together, they ensure the promotion, sustainability and equitability of growth, as well as the participation of poor people in that process. Effective action in both areas is crucial for sustained poverty reduction.