The goal of this competition was to support the social progress of Turkey to join the European Union.


The one-day exhibit attracted more than 1,000 people which highlighted the strength and potential of local community groups in the country.


In opening remarks, Turkey Country Director Andrew Vorkink stated:  “At a time when the world is racing to achieve better social and economic growth, and Turkey is racing to become a member of the European Union, the need for creative and innovative partnerships is greater than ever. This is why the World Bank decided to host the Development Marketplace Competition in Turkey this year under the title of ‘Social Progress and Inclusion on the way to Europe.’”


Minister of National Education, Huseyin Celik, told participants that “You have inspired me with the partnerships that abound in Innovation Marketplace. It is extremely important to host events like this in our country which promotes creative thinking and innovation.” He said the project proposals exhibited were "a marvelous collection of great work that creates hope in every person that these organizations help on a daily basis. And Turkey’s future is very bright.”


The winning proposals were selected by a 21-person jury, chaired by Vorkink and consisting of representatives of national and international organizations, governmental and non-governmental agencies, as well as partners of the Bank in this project.