The Vietnam Innovation Day 2006 (VID 2006) competition will provide funding to implement initiatives that improve the lives of disadvantaged children and youth.


The theme of “Disadvantaged Children and Youth” was chosen to raise public awareness of difficulties and risks faced by disadvantaged children between the ages of 4 and 14 and youth between the ages of 15 and 24 and provide support to them.


“Vietnamese people are enjoying the fruits brought about by Vietnam’s rapid development, and they have an obligation to make sure that no children and young people will be left behind,” said Klaus Rohland, Country Director for the World Bank in Vietnam. “The event will help mobilize resources to improve lives of those children and young people that face great difficulties in obtaining access to basic social services.”


Themes (and subthemes) of the competition:


Theme for 2006 competition is “Disadvantaged Children and Youth" with four sub-themes:

  • Quality education for disadvantaged childrenand youth. This sub-theme will support innovative ideas by NGOs, community groups, and pubic and private enterprises which aim to bring about quality education for children and youth who face difficulties in accessing pre-school and primary school.
  • Street children and youth. This sub-theme focuses on initiatives by Vietnamese communities, NGOs, and individuals, to improve the lives of children and youth who live and work on the streets.  These children are particularly vulnerable to risks of physical and sexual abuse.
  • Out of school, out of work children and youth. This sub-theme pays attention to children and youth who cannot access or drop-out of school and who have difficulties in getting employment. Innovative ideas that help school leavers and unemployed youth to improve their lives are encouraged to apply.
  • Participation and Empowerment of children and youth in society. This sub-theme will support innovative ideas that promote active involvement by disadvantaged children and youth in community actions that affect their lives.