The goals of this competition are to


  • support services to poor people
  • align key issues of country development and country program/CAS
  • meet stakeholders’ interests
  • make a difference and bring impacts in area of small scale projects


The projects supported public services to poor and vulnerable groups:


  • Service delivery in education:
    • Improve quality of services and accesses to the services
    • Curriculum development   
    • New approach for skill development etc
  • Environment issues in UB, the secondary cities and rural areas
  • Community based renewable energy operation in rural areas (soums)
  • Service delivery in health and other areas such as water, basic consumption etc
  • Governance in public services in all sectors in general:
  • Empower poor and vulnerable groups in accessing to service delivery
    • Community participation in quality control of service delivery to public including poor and vulnerable groups


The Mongolia DM winning projects met the following criteria:


  • Innovative ideas - value added
  • Realism
  • Impact/result on poor and vulnerable groups- better service delivery to poor and vulnerable groups  
  • Sustainability and scale up potential
  • Community participation and their leadership
  • Partnership: partnership with private and public sector