The Vietnam Innovation Day (VID) 2007, co-organized by the National Transport Safety Committee (NTSC), the World Bank, and Asia Injury Prevention Foundation, is a "mini marketplace" for innovative ideas that address local development challenges.


It identifies and directly supports small, bottom-up, innovative development proposals that deliver results, which can then be expanded or replicated. It creates opportunities for local innovators to meet, exchange ideas, share information and network with other people responding to the same concerns.


According to statistics, traffic accidents kill around 30 people and injure 60 others every day in Vietnam, and the number of fatalities continue to rise.
VID 2007, a competition for innovative ideas, aims to promote community initiatives to deal with local traffic safety issues. "For the past several years the World Bank's Innovation Day has proven an important competition, acting as a catalyst for hundreds of social entrepreneurs to aspire to." Greig Craft, President of Asia Injury says.


“Vietnam has had one of the fastest growing economies in the world in recent years and this is accompanied by rapid traffic growth,” said Martin Rama, Lead Economist of the World Bank in Vietnam. “Appropriate transport policies and infrastructure development can help cope with this surge in traffic, but more is needed."


“Last year, nearly 13,000 people died accidents, causing losses of lives, and serious economic consequences for the society in general and for the affected families in particular.” Martin adds.


The theme for 2007 program is “07 ” with five sub-themes:

  1. Enforcement of traffic regulations: This sub-theme will support initiatives that empower communities to undertake activities that will make it easier to reinforce traffic regulations and improve compliance.
  2. Education and Awareness raising: This sub-theme will support initiatives to empower communities to undertake activities aiming at changing unsafe behavior, effective education on traffic rules and safety measures.
  3. Better emergency services/responses: This sub-theme will support initiatives addressing the inadequacy in materials, equipment, and training for emergency medical support and services. Proposed projects could provide first-aid knowledge, skills and equipment for the communities both in urban and rural areas.
  4. Reducing pollution and accidents caused by vehicles: This sub-theme will support initiatives aim at reducing pollution and accidents caused by traffic by measures to reduce vehicle emissions, reduce defective vehicles and increase use of public transportation.
  5. Improvement in traffic environment and road design: This sub-theme will support initiatives and creative ideas to improve the environment, including waning signs, layout, marking.