f“Food related issues have affected the economy both at the household level and at the sectoral level,” said Mr. Alain Barbu, Acting Country Director of the World Bank in Vietnam. “Therefore, the organizers have all been glad to see that the idea of the Vietnam Innovation Day - a "mini marketplace" for innovative ideas that address local development challenges – have received wide public responses.”


“Each of the proposal reflect the creativity of the people at the grassroots level, as well as the community’s responsibility toward helping the government deal with a national issue.” Mr. Barbu added.


The winning initiatives this year include many new ideas on improving food safety, designing and building hygienic sandwich selling-carts, preserving traditional foods, building an effective connection between food manufacturers and consumers. There are also many innovative proposals on communication and awareness raising for women, young people, children, ethnic minority communities on food safety-related issues.


Members of the jury panels of the Vietnam Innovation Day 2008 were representatives of various government agencies, enterprises, hospitals, social organizations, media and donor agencies.