The Vietnam Innovation Day (VID) 2010, co-organized by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, The Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union - Central Committee, and the World Bank with the theme: “Climate Change”.


According to the World Bank’s World Development Report 2010, climate change (CC) is expected to hit developing countries the hardest.
Its impacts, including more droughts, more floods, more strong storms and more heat waves — pose special risks for agriculture, food, and water supplies, threatening and challenging poverty reduction efforts. Tackling this immense challenge must involve both mitigation - to avoid the unmanageable - and adaptation - to manage the unavoidable - all while maintaining a focus on its social dimensions.


Responding to Climate Change has been identified as a key challenge to Vietnam’s development progress.


The impacts of Climate Change to Vietnam are serious, and are an imminent threat to poverty reduction as well as the achievements of the Millennium Development Goals. Water resources, agriculture and food security, health issues, and the low-lying deltas and coastal areas of Vietnam are most vulnerable to climate change.


This program is an opportunity for innovative ideas that address local development challenges. It identifies, shares, exchanges and directly supports small, bottom-up, innovative development proposals that deliver results, which can then be expanded or replicated.

The winners were identified by a broadly-represented and highly respected panel of jurors from the Government, donors’ community, research institutions, civil society, and the media.