No longer on an island: CoPs and eLearning foster co-learning for social enterprises
Alina is launching a venture to train and match new graduates with startups in Mexico. Marcia is piloting cost-effective and ecological housing solutions in Mozambique. Ahmed is working to sell oven shelving units to rural...
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Submitted by: Zoe Laurel Barth-Werb
"Every time I see a problem, I create a social business to solve it"
“Every time I see a problem, I create a social business to solve it,” renowned Nobel Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus said to an overflowing room at the World Bank Group’s Headquarters in Washington, DC this summer. “Set up a...
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Submitted by: Marta Milkowska
How to improve social enterprises so they can scale? eLearning
Earlier this year, we launched our eLearning course for social enterprises in January with a second installment in May. Social enterprises from across the globe – from places we didn’t even think we could reach – applied....
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Submitted by: Alexandra Endara
Bridging the public-private divide to scale-up health solutions: the story of VillageReach
After a day of discussions on how to scale social enterprise innovations to improve health outcomes during an event hosted by the World Bank Group’s (WBG) Innovation Labs and Health Global Practice on June 8th, one clear...
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Submitted by: Elaine Tinsley
Innovation and Enterprise: A Driving Force for Social Impact
Traditionally innovation and entrepreneurship are seen as drivers of jobs and competitiveness, however we think it can also be an important driver of inclusiveness and social development. We see how private actors are...
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Submitted by: Adarsh Desai
Ensuring the End User is at the Core of a Business Model: Why I Chose to Be a Social Enterprise
There is a perfect start, there is a less than perfect start and there is an imperfect start. As a social entrepreneur, the thing I have learned is that it pays to START- even if it’s less than perfect or imperfect.So,...
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Submitted by: Dr. Parveez Ubed
eLearning for Social Enterprises: Lessons from the DM Pilot
Earlier this year, the World Bank Group Leadership, Learning and Innovation vice presidency’s Development Marketplace program piloted its first eLearning course for social enterprises, “Innovative Business Models for Better...
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Submitted by: Cristina Navarrete Moreno
Pitfalls and Stumbling Blocks: The Challenges of Being a Social Enterprise
In 2005, I took a strategic decision. Much as I loved surgery, I shifted my focus to Tuberculosis, (TB). While I faced criticism and jeers from my colleagues and other NGOs, I quickly realized my next challenge. In order to...
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Submitted by: Dr. Shelly Batra
Agriculture as Enterprise: An Evolution of Thought and Perspective to Increase Outcomes for India's Farmers
It started with data!   In 2007-08, an evaluation by Catalyst Management Services of a tribal livelihoods initiative for the State Planning Commission of Madhya Pradesh showed that agriculture as a livelihoods option was...
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Submitted by: Pramel Kumar Gupta
Collaborating to Support Small-Scale Innovations to Scale: Sankalp Africa and Global
Fostering partnerships, relationships and collaboration is crucial to “opening the door” to scaling innovative solutions from social entrepreneurs that help people around the globe pull themselves out of poverty. This was...
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Submitted by: Cristina Navarrete Moreno