Surfacing and Scaling Innovations in Last Mile Delivery
During the last three years, the Development Marketplace program (call it DM 2.0) has been testing a new approach in nine of India’s low income states representing a population of more than 380 million of the world’s poorest.
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Submitted by: Aleem Walji
Turning on the Spigot for Crisp, Clear Water
On a warm Friday afternoon in the slums of Madhukam, in the heart of Ranchi, India, a middle-aged man arrived at a public water station with two 20-liter containers to fill. The water station - directly adjacent to an open...
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Submitted by: Drew von Glahn
Bridging Gaps in Funding and Capacity to End Poverty
For 15 years the World Bank Group’s Development Marketplace (DM) has identified innovative social entrepreneurs who tackle service delivery bottlenecks that disproportionately affect the world’s poorest populations....
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Submitted by: Blythe Nicole Kladney
Impactful Partnerships between Non-State Providers: A Perspective from the Egypt DM
In Egypt, the social enterprise movement has gained momentum in the years since the January 25, 2011 revolution. This moment in history gave Egyptian youth a sense of belonging and control over thier future they had not...
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Submitted by: Ranya Abdel Baki
In the Face of a Messy World, Non-State Actors Offer a Positive Outlook
In a lecture hosted by the World Bank in Washington, DC on February 19, former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright highlighted that the rise of non-state actors is one of the few positive trends in provision of...
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Submitted by: Natalia Agapitova
From Operating Rooms to Dust Tracks
As a young medical student in the 70s, I dreamt of becoming a surgeon. Everything about surgery fascinated me: the long hours, the sleepless nights, the unmistakable adrenalin rush and sense of satisfaction of saving a...
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Submitted by: Dr. Shelly Batra
...And the Egypt Development Marketplace 2013 Grantees Are....
Almost two months ago the announcement was made about the World Bank, IFC and partners providing grants of 1.25 million via the Egypt DM. Since that announcement, many have been contacting us via various channels to find...
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Submitted by: Dougg Jimenez
India DM Grantee Update: "Under The Mango Tree" Featured
In case you missed it, check out this video (mostly in Hindi) about the inspiring story of "Under the Mango Tree" on Awaaz entrepreneur, a feature on CNBC Awaaz's YouTube Channel. UTMT is an India DM 2013 grantee (if link...
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Submitted by: Dougg Jimenez
The Last Mile, at Last?
The blog below was originally posted in the "End Poverty in South Asia" blog.Operation Asha was awarded a USD 50,000 grant in 2011 after competiting in the India Development Marketplace themed: "Supporting Inclusive...
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Submitted by: Onno Ruhl
Furniture from Palm Trees, Honey Production and Bringing back “Ferka” Weaving
How we support agribusiness and handicrafts sector in Upper Egypt Last week I met 35 entrepreneurs from Assyut, Aswan, Beni Seouf, Cairo, Fayoum, Giza, Luxor , Minya, Qena, Sharkeyya, Sohag. Some of these names aren’t...
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Submitted by: Hartwig Schafer