The world is becoming a global economy so how can the people living in isolated places in the world participate? Social entrepreneurs from around the world have created marketplaces to help bring the skills and arts of even the most isolated to the world. It also helps people -- particularly women -- use the traditional skills they've honed over a lifetime contribute to their family livelihood.


Three of these marketplaces (as well as other amazing projects) are featured under the Ready to Scale tab of the Development Marketplace.


Sadhna. Embroidered pouches made by Sadhna artisans.Located in the Indian district of Rajasmand, Sadhna works to empower tribal, rural, and urban slum women by giving them a way to earn a money through their crafts. Sadhna provides three months training in appliqué, embroidery and patchwork before providing work to the artisans after a period of one year they are enrolled for membership. Started in 2004, Sadhna has 30 staff, has helped over 700 women, and is ready to scale.


Industree. Established in 2009 and headquartered in India, Industree's mission is to increase rural incomes by providing training, capital and markets to people to those who live in rural areas. From 2000-2007, it exported goods to over 40 European, Asian and American countries, as well as to domestic Indian countries. As a member of Fair Trade Forum India, it has links with over 5,000 artisans and directly employs about 200 people. It is also very active in formation and development of self-help groups across country. Industree is ready to scale.


Rags-2-Riches. This organization targets two distinct markets in the Philippines: 20 million disadvantaged women (mostly mothers) living in slums to create eco-ethical fashions and home accessories, and about four million women from upper income classes to buy the products. They use up-cycled scrap cloth, organic materials, and indigenous fabrics to in their goods. In addition to the marketplace, artisans are provided with additional skills-based, financial, and health training so that they can maximize their opportunities. After five years, Rags-2-Riches is ready to scale.