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An e-community is a virtual space (web site) where people and practitioners from around the globe who share common concerns get together to exchange ideas, experiences, resources, challenges and possible solutions, and tools on a specific subject.

You will find below online learning communities on various interesting themes. Browse through those that interest you, and join one or more of these free international networks of practitioners to engage in discussions on cutting edge issues and stay informed of relevant trends and events. 

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Growth and Competitiveness
A peer learning and knowledge platform for discussing current cross-cutting topics on the frontiers of development.
Governance, Health Systems
e-NePP is an interactive online platform where procurement practitioners worldwide can connect with their peers
Share, learn and connect for action towards greater accountability and better development outcomes of extractive industries.
Innovative Solutions for Cities
The practitioner exchange platform for slum upgrading and affordable housing.
A growing community of practitioners that shares, learns and collaborates around experiences in public procurement and identifies innovative solutions that result in improved governance outcomes.
Public-Private Partnerships
Peer learning and knowledge sharing platform to CONNECT, SHARE and LEARN
Organization and Delivery of Health Services
Este es un espacio para intercambiar conocimiento, dialogar, aprender y promover nuevas practicas sobre los procesos de priorizacion y la proteccion del derecho a la salud en America Latina.
Knowledge Exchange
A community of professionals dedicated to South-South cooperation, knowledge exchange and learning for development.
Innovative Solutions for Cities
Platform for an international network of professionals working on issues related to violence and crime prevention.

Global Youth Anti-Corruption Network