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Course Formats
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Facilitated Courses for Maximum Learning Results, Self-Paced Courses for Convenience
The e-Institute offers both self-paced and facilitated courses that aim to make learning engaging and accessible by offering innovative choices tailored to multiple workplace cultures and learning styles. Both types of courses have a distinct place in the e-Institute menu of course offerings.
provide a structured format and continuous guidance throughout the learning process. The course duration is defined and leading experts facilitate the learning process and provide feedback on practitioners’ performance as well as guide the discussions. Facilitators respond to questions and offer their expert technical knowledge. Participants who complete facilitated courses and comply with minimum course requirements receive a formal certificate of completion. Facilitated courses require a dedicated time commitment in order to comply with assignment deadlines and participate in  group work, but provide a unique chance to interact both with fellow participants and topic experts/facilitators.

are designed to meet the need for "just-in-time" learning. They can be taken at any time to accommodate professionals who are balancing demanding work programs and their day-to-day lives. High-quality modules that can be self-tested are available online and have flexible deadlines for completion. Participants are on their own when taking these modules and do not receive a formal certificate of completion or feedback on their work. Some courses feature non-moderated fora for peer to peer discussion.