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The e-Institute designs courses using cutting edge content and applying a unique pedagogical approach that takes ideas from learning theory, knowledge management, educational technology, customized to a development context. All e-Courses are created using a step-by-step design process, in which program designers analyze audience, define desired results and objectives, identify interactive learning methods and select appropriate delivery modes and tools in order to design quality learning interventions that last.

Most courses will use a blend of pedagogical principles:
Practical "how-to-do"
Aligned to the needs of practitioners, using results-focused approaches and innovative tools to design and implement their own solutions to tackle policy challenges.
Learning from each other
Create a space for collective learning, enabling practitioners to ask questions, share tacit knowledge and benefit from the experiences of their peers facing similar challenges.
Expert Facilitation
Access international experts to provide structure, guide discussions, answer questions, build community and widen the learning network.
Interactive and participatory
Move away from "lecture mode" to learner-centric activities where the learner takes an active role by participating in role-plays, quizzes, scenarios and what-if analysis, simulations, e-discussions, online chats, live webcasts, webinars and collaborative projects.
Leverage audio and video clips, animated presentations, simulations to engage the leaner and enhance overall retention of learning
Case studies
Use real-world examples to facilitate experiential learning that allows learners to integrate concepts within practical applications.
User friendly  packaging
Connect learners to global knowledge and best practices through attractive modules that distill from dispersed sources of knowledge, learning, innovation and experts.