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Measuring, Reporting & Verification
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Date: February 05, 2014
Miguel Rescalvo Santandreu and Renat Heuberger

Measuring, Reporting & Verification (MRV) is taking an increasingly important role in the on-going climate negotiations, especially in the context of new instruments like NAMAs.

The goal of MRV systems is to develop a framework for evaluation that is consistent, systematic and transparent. While emission reductions can be easily quantified, MRV systems may require other quantitative or qualitative metrics in line with a country’s overall sustainability goals.

This webinar, the third in a series organized jointly by UNDP through its MDG Carbon Programme and the World Bank Institute Climate Change (WBICC) Practice, will provide an overview of how MRV of new instruments can build on lessons learned from existing standards. Additionally, a qualitative metrics that accounts for a country’s overall sustainability goals beyond emission reductions will also be presented in this webinar.

The lessons learned in this webinar include possible MRV approaches for new instruments, which includes data collection and the process of reporting of assessment results according to established quantification standards and additional qualitative metrics for sustainability parameters.

Speaker bios:

Miguel Rescalvo Santandreu
Mr. Rescalvo leads the DNV GL Policy and Research unit in Latin America for a Sustainable Use of Energy. In this endeavor he and his team have worked closely with national and subnational governments and the private sector in finding innovative approaches to design and implement efficient energy use programs, reduce emissions and promote bottom up approaches to integration of subnational sustainable interventions at the national level.

Mr. Rescalvo has held various positions of increasing responsibility with DNV Group over the past twelve years gaining experience in multiple cultural markets with emphasis on energy, climate change and sustainability. He has worked in projects in more than 30 countries, governmental agencies and Multilateral Finance Organizations.

Mr. Renat Heuberger
Mr. Heuberger is a pioneer and social entrepreneur in the field of sustainability,climate change and renewable energies, where he is engaged since 1999. As a founding partner and CEO of South Pole Carbon, he coordinated the set-up of South Pole Carbon’s global presence, which was winning the company the title of “Best Project Developer” by Environmental Finance in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Renat was and is actively shaping the carbon markets, by having been involved in developing first projects under the CDM Gold Standard and the Verified Carbon Standard, and he has pioneered Programmatic CDM with several first-of-its-kind schemes worldwide.

Renat has been elected “Social Entrepreneur 2011” of Switzerland by the World Economic Forum’s Schwab foundation. He is a board member of Climate Friendly Pty Ltd, Australia’s leading voluntary carbon company, of Perenia Pty Ltd, and of Respect Climate in Sweden, co-chair of ICROA, a quality standard association for the carbon markets, a member of the advisory board of HUB Zurich, a platform for social entrepreneurship and MyNewEnergy, a company launching the first-ever platform to compare power products in Switzerland.


Miguel Rescalvo Santandreu and Renat Heuberger