Energy Learning Portal

Energy Learning Portal

To achieve the global goal of sustainable energy for all, it is critical to build capacity for the deployment of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies and the implementation of appropriate policies. Development of operational skills is most easily achieved through first-hand experience or ‘learning-by-doing' and insights from the experiences of experts and practitioners. A strong understanding of the basic elements of sustainable energy solutions is needed if practitioners are going to identify and customize globally recognized solutions for local conditions.
This portal introduces users to the fundamental elements of operational solutions that support scale-up of energy efficiency, renewable energy and low-carbon rural electrification initiatives. We hope this portal will encourage new thinking and a solution-oriented approach to sustainable energy.
We would like to hear your views about the objective, design and utility of this approach. Please also suggest additional topics for inclusion in this portal. Write to us at
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Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency remains as important as ever to the World Bank and its client countries, especially in view of universal concerns over global energy security, competitiveness, and environmental protection. Although energy efficiency can alleviate pressures in all these areas, realizing large-scale energy savings is a significant challenge for the WBG's client countries.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy (RE) technologies offer a sustainable path towards energy security and economic development, while also meeting the need to address global climate change and local air pollution challenges.

Energy Access

The International Energy Agency estimates 1.4 billion people will still lack access to electricity in 2030 unless new approaches and policies are adopted. Successfully tackling electrification means adapting programs to local contexts and national environments.

Urban Energy

The rapid urbanization of the developing world means energy use and emissions will continue to rise; energy efficiency and low-carbon infrastructure development are the key to achieving sustainable development.

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