Energy Efficient Household Lighting — The CFL Experience

Energy Efficient Household Lighting — The CFL Experience

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Since 1994, the World Bank and its Energy Sector Management Assistance Program have supported the design and implementation of energy efficient residential lighting programs as a means to improving demand-side efficiency in developing countries. The CFL Experience is a toolkit that captures these experiences.

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Energy Efficient Household Lighting The CFL Experience
The CFL Experience toolkit guides users through the process of creating a compact flourescent lamp (CFL)  program. It is designed with two main functions. First, to walk users through the phases of a CFL program, these phases are represented in the CFL Toolkit wheel displayed below. Second, to act as a knowledge center where users can find case studies, technical specifications, templates, and links to use in the customization of their own energy efficient lighting programs.
The website is divided into three main sections, Program Design, Economics and Financing and Program Implementation. These three areas make up the three phases of CFL program construction and the three sections of the navigation wheel below.  Within each area there is an introduction and overview of that phase and a step by step guide walking users through the necessary tasks within that phase. The phases are not necessarily chronological and many tasks can be done simultaneously. However, the intention is to start at Program Design and move through each essential step in the process. 
Within each step you will find links, these links will go to documents or pages in our Knowledge Center where you will find detailed technical information about the topic.  The content map to the right is provided as a navigational tool and as an overview of the whole CFL toolkit, it is dynamic and each level is linked for easy navigation. If you ever get lost in the toolkit, simply return to the content map, which is shown on each page. Below there is a wheel representing the toolkit elements. This is the starting point for toolkit navigation. Click on the section of the toolkit to spin the wheel and learn more about that section. Click Begin in the Program Design section below to get started learning.

Standard Toolkit elements

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1 Program Design
Program Design

Initiating a large-scale shift to energy efficient lighting can be done using several different approaches. The program design section will present the two most widely used approaches and guide users through the steps of planning a compact flourescent lamp (CFL) program.

2 Economics and Financing
Economics and Financing

Compact flourescent lamp (CFL) programs demonstrate a highly attractive economic return for customers, utilities, and the government. There are numerous financing mechanisms that are available for CFL programs. This section will present the options for financing.

3 Program Implementation
Program Implementation

The program implementation phase is crucial in creating a successful program. This section presents a series of steps desiged to address key technical issues and minimize challenges, helping to ensure a successful CFL program.

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