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What Are Results Stories?

The World Bank has recognized the growing importance of South-South knowledge exchange and has taken steps to integrate exchanges more systematically into its products and services. Results stories are the backbone of this initiative.

Over the past few years, anecdotal evidence suggested that knowledge exchanges produced positive results, but measuring the capacity-related gains of these exchanges was difficult in the absence of a clear theoretical framework. There was also a scarcity of documented examples of these exchanges illustrating their impacts on broader development goals.

In response, WBI began identifying and documenting “results stories” of Bank-supported exchanges using the Capacity Development Result Framework (CDRF). The aim is to provide practitioners with tangible evidence that South-South knowledge exchange works – it produces capacity outcomes and has long-term value. The results stories posted on this website add to the growing defense of South-South and present the information openly for public usage.

The stories are broken up into sections based on the CDRF. Compare and contrast the strategic context of various stories to find one that matches your circumstances or area of interest; read descriptions of how knowledge exchanges were built; find out what the outcomes of the exchanges were and what long term impacts look like; browse the lists of participants to see what organizations have experience with knowledge exchange practices and may be useful to contact; discover lessons learned from World Bank experts; and look for more information under additional resources.

In the end, each story demonstrates specific ways in which South-South knowledge exchanges have helped build local capacity in diverse sectors and regions. In addition, each story promotes good practices in knowledge exchange design and implementation.

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