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The Leadership, Learning and Innovation's Knowledge Sharing practice is dedicated to supporting and equipping the World Bank’s frontline teams with skills and resources to help client countries and client organization more systematically and effectively leverage their knowledge. Sharing knowledge and experiences among peers and partners in the global South is a key priority for many developing countries. As developing countries have increasingly become new poles of growth and innovation, they look to and rely more on experiences and tested implementation of peers facing similar challenges.Seeing what works and what doesn’t, can help policy makers and development practitioners quickly understand what is possible and how to make it happen. As such, knowledge sharing leads to more informed decisions, helps build consensus, catalyzes action, and leads to better results.   Read More »

Government Officials Guide (Portuguese)

Who is This Guide For?

Successful knowledge exchanges involve many different partners and stakeholders who fulfill important roles during the exchange. This guide is for government officials and development practitioners at the national or state level, regardless of the specific role they play in an exchange.

As an overview of all the elements to consider during a knowledge exchange, the guide presents information for all, whether you are involved in the planning, implementation, or evaluation of an exchange. It is meant for both primary learners and knowledge providers, regardless of your level of experience with knowledge exchanges.

What’s Inside This Guide?
Identifying the right peers, planning for the exchange, and making it happen can be a major undertaking. This guide takes the guesswork out of the process by explaining the South-South Knowledge Exchange life cycle in simple steps.

The guide will help you to:

  • define your goals.
  • identify appropriate knowledge exchange partners.
  • design the knowledge exchange.
  • implement the knowledge exchange.
  • collect lessons learned and share results.