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The Leadership, Learning and Innovation's Knowledge Sharing practice is dedicated to supporting and equipping the World Bank’s frontline teams with skills and resources to help client countries and client organization more systematically and effectively leverage their knowledge. Sharing knowledge and experiences among peers and partners in the global South is a key priority for many developing countries. As developing countries have increasingly become new poles of growth and innovation, they look to and rely more on experiences and tested implementation of peers facing similar challenges.Seeing what works and what doesn’t, can help policy makers and development practitioners quickly understand what is possible and how to make it happen. As such, knowledge sharing leads to more informed decisions, helps build consensus, catalyzes action, and leads to better results.   Read More »

The South-South Experience Exchange Facility: 2012 Implementation Progress Report

The South-South Facility enables countries to obtain solutions for their development challenges by funding demand-based knowledge exchanges
between peer countries.
Calendar year 2012 was the most successful year in terms of the completion of South-South Facility grants. In addition, the disbursement ration, the percentage between the cumulative grant amount and cumulative expenditure rose from 44% in 2009 to 91% in 2012, illustrating that the funds allocated to the exchanges are effectively being used for activities supporting delivery of the exchange.
South-South Facility Report Cover