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Strengthening the Recognition of Indigenous Land Rights in Honduras


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With the help of financing from the South-South Facility, the Miskito people in Honduras were able learn how to get the title to their land, ensuring its preservation for years to come. To learn more, please read also the New York Times "Honduras Grants Land to Indigenous Group, in Bid to Help It Protect Forest" (Sept 12, 2013). The related Results Story on the exchange will be coming soon.

Created in 2008, the South-South Experience Exchange Facility ("South-South Facility) is located in the Knowledge Exchange Practice of the World Bank Institute. The only one of its kind in the World Bank, the South-South Facility provides just-in-time funding for developing countries to share their knowledge and expertise with one another. It contributes to the World Bank’s knowledge sharing agenda by drawing directly upon the accumulated expertise of its client countries.

Countries work through World Bank country offices to request grants, the World Bank then administers the grants to facilitate their rapid implementation. The South-South Facility’s Oversight Committee, which is composed of World Bank staff, is chaired by Mr. Sanjay Pradhan, Vice President of the World Bank Institute. Its global partners include China, Colombia, Denmark, India, Mexico, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Since it's inception just four years ago, the South-South Facility has accomplished so much. As of end May 2012, it has:

  • Provided over $10 million in support of South-South Exchanges.
  • Enabled 80 countries to receive knowledge from nearly 80 countries.
  • Measured, documented and disseminated over 50 knowledge sharing approaches and results based on the Capacity Development Results Framework.

For more information on the South-South Facility, please visit its home page.