Montage of woment working.
Target Market

Rags2Riches targets two distinct markets in the Philippines: 20 million disadvantaged women living in slums (mostly mothers), and around four million women from the upper income classes. Rags2Riches has built a brand and product lines that are highly sought after by the top department stores and boutiques in the Philippines. Rags2Riches is currently supplying 10% of identified local demand. This growing market demand is a huge opportunity for Rags2Riches to aggressively expand production and impact more women artisans.

Value Proposition

Rags2Riches links the woman artisans at the base of the pyramid to the markets at the top of the pyramid. Through partnerships with well known fashion designers and the use of upcycled cloth, women artisans are able to access the formal economy with their goods. Coupled with additional skills, financial and health training, these artisans maximize their career potential and take steps towards long term financial and personal well-being.

Expenses vs. Outcomes

Graph shows a slowincrease over the years.

Cost Per Successful Outcome

Graph shows a slow decline over the years,