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Capacity Development Results

The Challenge
Countries’ capacity to make and carry out their development plans is often a major challenge. Many capacity development programs tend to adopt a technical approach, focusing on missing functions or quick fixes rather than on the locally needed solutions necessary for long-lasting institutional change. Limited attention is also given to defining and measuring results of capacity development. 
Our Vision
The World Bank Institute’s (WBI's) Capacity Development and Results practice aims to foster better results from capacity development initiatives by the World Bank and its partners. We provide advisory services, innovative tools, research, and knowledge sharing that inform and support the design and management of results-focused capacity development programs.

Our Approach
In our results-focused approach, desired outcomes drive capacity development rather than missing skills or technology. We focus on assessing all of the local ownership, policy, and organizational factors that affect institutional capacity and how they need to change to best support development goals.  We support capacity development strategies in which change is driven by local agents such as leaders and coalitions of stakeholders.

Resources and Services Include: 

  • Capacity Development and Results Framework to guide the assessment, design, monitoring, management and evaluation of capacity development efforts
  • Advising on strategy design, capacity diagnostics, results frameworks, and monitoring and evaluation 
  • Diagnostic and planning tools that are customizable to different settings
  • Database of indicators that capture capacity development results
  • Learning and knowledge exchange programs to understand and apply results-focused capacity development

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