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Learning from Megadisasters
A knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Exchange program established by the Government of Japan and the World Bank.
Voices Against Corruption
Join the Global Youth Anti-Corruption Network.
The Telecom-Energy Initiative Online Collaborative Platform
To facilitate mutual learning and collaboration in incubating sustainable business models.
Open Contracting
This is a collaborative platform for public procurement practitioners to learn, share and find innovative solutions to improve procurement.
GOXI: Sharing in Governance of Extractive Industries
A space to share, learn and connect towards greater accountability and, in turn, better development outcomes of extractive industries in Africa.
South South Opportunity
A community of professionals dedicated to South-South cooperation, knowledge exchange and learning for development.
Aprender, conectar y compartir informacian sobre de prioridad, la equidad, y el derecho a la salud en America Latina.Join this Spanish language...
Electronic Network of Procurement Professionals
A network to learn to connect, share, and learn from procurement practitioners working to improve transparency and accountability.
Development Debates
A peer learning and knowledge platform for discussing current cross-cutting topics on the frontiers of development.