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Citizen Voices Conference, Participants List, March 18

Lucía Abelenda, Coordinadora,  Fundación Avina
Gayatri Achara,  Sector Leader,  World Bank
Yemi Adamolekun,  Executive Director,  Enough is Enough Nigeria
Sanjay Agarwal,  Senior Social Development Specialist,  World Bank
Ozong Agborsangaya-Fiteu,  Senior Operations Officer,  World Bank
Momin Agha
Rima Al-Azar,
Chris Albon,  Project Director,  FrontlineSMS
Comrade Adams Aliy Oshionhole,  Executive Director, Edo State, Nigeria
Everton Alvarenga,  Community Coordinator,  Open Knowledge Foundation Brasil
Nicole Anand,  Manager, Projects, Global Integrity
Edward Anderson,  ICT Innovation Specialist, World Bank
Judd Antin,  User Experience Researcher, Facebook
Nabeel Awan,  Commissioner Sahiwal Division
Anahi Ayala Iacucci,  Senior ICT Advisor,  Internews
Amadou Mahtar Ba,  CEO,  African Media Initiative
Raj Babu Shrestha,  Executive Director,  Poverty Alleviation Fund
Abhinav Bahl,  Director,  Global Integrity
Rob Baker,  Operations Manager,  Ushahidi
Rodrigo Bandeira de Luna,  Co-Founder,  Cidade Democrática
Awinash Bawle, Water Health International
Francois Behue
Daniel Ben-Horin,  Founder,  TechSoup Global
Nicky  Benn,  Social Accountability Advisor, World Vision
Shaazka  Beyerle,  Writer,  Peace & Collaboration Network
Vinay  Bhargava,  Chief Technical Adviser, Partnership for Transparency Fund
Deepak  Bhatia,  Global Practice Lead – Egovernment,  World Bank
Sanjay  Bhatnagar,  CEO,  WaterHealth International
Billy  Bicket,  Vice President,  TechSoup Global
Carey  Biron,  Reporter, Inter Press Service
David  Bonbright.  Chief Executive,  Keystone Accountability
Dayna  Brown,  Director, Listening Program, CDA Collaborative Learning Projects
Macauley  Corina,  Acting Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, Decentralization Secretariat
Rothblum  Corine,  Democracy and Governance Officer, USAID
Stephen  Cox,  Vice-President for Programs,  Inter-American Foundation
Veronica  Cretu,  President,  CMB” Training Center, Chisinau
Robert  Cronin,  Director, Civil Society Division,  IREX
Stephen  Davenport,  Director,  Development Gateway
Wirima  Davie
Mark  de la Iglesia,  Senior Program Manager, Governance,  NDI
Lelio  digeronimo,  IT Manager,  Fundación AVINA
Thomas  Djurhuus,  Minister Counsellor,  Danish Embassy
Liza  Douglas,  Senior Account Manager,  Plan International USA
Theodore  Dreger,  Operations Officer,  World Bank
Corina  DuBois,  Chief, New Media,  Dept of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs
Nathan  Eagle,  Founder,  Jana
Christine  Egger,  Consultant,
Dina  Elnaggar,  Senior Communications Officer, World Bank
Alexandra  Endara,  Consultant,  World Bank
Brian  English,  Director of Program Innovation, Global Communities
Adams  Esohe,  Edo State Government
Archon  Fung,  Ford Foundation Professor of Democracy and Citizenship,  Harvard University
Rakoena  Fungi,  Deputy Director Project Manager
John W.  Garrison,  Senior Communications Officer,  World Bank
Thomas  Garritty,  Senior Knowledge and Learning Officer,  World Bank
Jeff  Hall,  Director, Local Advocacy,  World Vision
Andre   Herzog,  Senior Urban Specialist,  World Bank
Felipe  Heusser,  Director,  Ciudadano Inteligente
Jim  Heyes,  Principal,  Global Environment Fund
Roopa  Hinton,  Social Development Advisor,  DFID
Alexander  Howard,  Technology Writer and Editor (Moderator),  O'Reilly Media
Sylvain  Idumbo
John Osagie  Inegbedion,  Edo State Government
Said issa,  Chairman for ANSA – AW, ANSA Arab World
Mirza  Jahani,  Chief Executive Officer,  Aga Khan Foundation
Lalit  Jha,  Reporter,  Press Trust of India
Edith  Jibunoh,  Director, Multilateral Institutions, ONE
Sima  Kanaan,  Manager,  World Bank
Hassan  Kanu,  Foreign Minister/Head of Decentralization Secretariat
Robert  Kaplan,  President and CEO,  Inter-American Foundation
Hemang  Karelia,  Operations Officer,  World Bank
Herbert  Kassamani,  Manager Communications and Public Relations,  Ministry of water and irrigation, Water Services Regulatory Board
Ari  Katz,  Deputy Director for Technology and Civil Society,  IREX
Linda  Kelly,  Manager,  International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
Luther  Lowe,  Director for Public Policy, Yelp
Roberto Lucchi  Lucchi,  Project Manager,  ESRI
Luis  Lugones Mansilla,  Executive Secretary, Municipality of Bolivia
Jacqueline  Lundquist,  VP, Corporate Affairs, WaterHealth International
Nancy  MacPherson,  Managing Director, Evaluation,  The Rockefeller Foundation
Rafael  Morado,  Game Designer,  UBISOFT
Meena M.  Munshi,  Senior Economist, World Bank
Jay  Naidoo, Chair,  Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition
Craig  Newmark,  Founder,
Linda  Nguyen,  Director, Civic Engagement, Alliance for Children and Families
Gunneberg  Nina Gabrielle,  Senior Operations Officer,  World Bank
Yvonne  Nkrumah,  Senior Operations Officer,  World Bank
Luiza A.  Nora,  Special Assistant,  World Bank
Insa  Noufou,  Prime Minister Office Niger
Muchiri  Nyaggah,  Deputy Director, The Open Institute
Veronica  Nyhan Jones,  Senior Operations Officer.  International Finance Corporation
Sarah  Oh,    Program Officer,  National Democratic Institute
Edward  Olowo-Okere,   Director,  World Bank
Edward  Omete,  Managing Director,  Informed Healthcare
Oluseun  Onigbinde,  Lead Partner,  BudgIT
Tapan  Parikh,  Professor,  UC Berkeley
Christian  Peratsakis,  Development Gateway
Macon  Phillips,  Director of Digital Strategy,  The White House
Vary  Phuong,  Silaka
Mario  Picon ETC,   World Bank
Micah  Sifry,  Co-Founder and Editorial Director,  Personal Democracy Media
Ambassador (ret.) John  Simon,  Founding Partner,  Total Impact Advisors
Janmejay  Singh,  Senior Social Development Specialist,  World Bank
Michael  Woolcock,  Lead Social Development Specialist, World Bank
Jesse  Worker,  Associate,  World Resource Institute
Samuel  Worthington,  President & CEO, InterAction
Emily  Yam,  USAID
Harlan  Yu,  Principal,  Robinson & Yu LLC
Raul  Zambrano,  Global Lead/Policy Advisor,  UNDP
Alina  Zyszkowski,  DC Director,  GDN


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