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Coalitions for Reform

Transparency and accountability are crucial to ensure social justice and help citizens’ access services and improve a government’s development goals. To achieve this, the government and different parts of society need to reach a common understanding. The World Bank Institute (WBI) is helping different groups come together in networks and coalitions and helps to strengthen them.

Access to Information: WBI’s ATI program supports existing networks and coalitions working to move forward ATI and other transparency reforms. In partnership with international and regional organizations, the program facilitates regional dialogues and knowledge exchanges for civil society practitioners and other stakeholders to share good practices and methods of implementing and using ATI thus strengthening in-country coalitions. For instance in Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone the program facilitated a dialogue that included face-to-face and videoconference exchanges resulting in the elaboration of action plan by practitioners in each country. This was done in partnership with the Carter Center, and the University of Cape Town’s International School of Transparency.

ANSA: WBI works with the Affiliated Networks for Social Accountability (ANSA) in Africa, East Asia and Pacific, and South Asia to help civil society organizations monitor the effects of procurement reforms and support citizens’ demand for public accountability.
ANSA creates and supports regional networks of practitioners—both governmental and nongovernmental—in the field of social accountability.

The first one was ANSA-Africa created in 2006 and the ANSA network has grown to include ANSA-East Asia/Pacific and ANSA-South Asia. While their work is varied, the ANSAs are linked by their common goal of equipping civil society and ordinary citizens with the skills necessary to play a more active role in bringing about more accountable governance.

Governance for Extractive Industries: WBI’s governance for extractive industries program helps monitor procurement of private companies’ contracts with the governments in the extractive industries sector. The initiative has brought together individuals from the private sector, government, media and civil society. Most of these participants met for the first time with WBI’s help and formed coalitions to improve contract monitoring in their countries. The coalitions meet regularly and have put together action plans which are soon turning into reality. In Ghana the coalition has been able to include procurement and contract monitoring in the agenda of Public Accounts Committees and Auditors General in West Africa through their official bodies.

Parliamentary Coalitions: In order to enhance transparency, participation and accountability for open and collaborative governance, WBI’s Parliamentary Strengthening Program builds and strengthens parliamentary networks to act as platforms for south-south knowledge exchange and promote national-level reforms through multi-stakeholder coalitions. This approach aims to facilitate knowledge exchange, maximize knowledge dissemination through networks and portals, and ultimately capitalize on global, regional, and geographic knowledge-sharing to strengthen parliaments’ functions at the national level. National-level reform is fostered through an action-planning process which takes place at the national level during regional and global network events and is implemented through national multi-stakeholder coalitions.

Voices Against Corruption: Voices Against Corruption is a network of emerging leaders fighting corruption around the world. The network brings together civil society leaders, journalists and musicians, who share approaches, ideas and resources such as ICT based anti-corruption tools. They share their experiences on an online social network, video conferences and events such as the recent Voices Against Corruption forum held in Nairobi. The network is present in more than 45 countries and has more than 500 members connected online.

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This is a great initiative, especially in Africa and emerging countries. The ANSA-Africa that was founded in 2006 has brought in great results, but it now needs more help from volunteers and organizations, as many states are reluctant to support such initiatives.

Kind regards,
IRT Foundation

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