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Private Sector Engagement for Good Governance (PSGG) program

The World Bank Institute’s (WBI) Private Sector for Good Governance (PSGG) uses a framework to increase transparency, access to information and greater inclusion of all stakeholders in the policy-making debate.  The framework is also used to help solve key sector constraints related to lack of coordination, unfair regulations, unaccountable transaction and non transparent information.

Inclusiveness, fairness, transparency and accountability at the sector level are seen as a means to unlock sector development through the promotion of an open governance environment. PSGG tools are designed to establish a multi-stakeholder engagement process that ensures the fundamental conditions for sector development and sustainability through open governance practices are put in place. The establishment of these fundamental conditions ultimately leads to inclusive and sustainable growth.

The PSGG framework is based on a set of tools that help 1) identify the collaborative governance gaps, 2) secure political will for reform, 3) set up a multi-stakeholder dialogue process around the issues at stake, and 4) ensure supportive buy-in and monitoring from constituents at large. They are deployed in a phased approach.

  • Governance Environment Assessment Report (GEAR): A diagnostic of the level of collaborative policy making in a given sector;
  • Open Thinking Initiative (OPT-IN)High-level engagements of country political leadership on key sectors where governance issues can impede growth, so as to identify challenges and foster political will;
  • Multi-Stakeholder Engagement Platform (MSEP)Private sector invited to sector focused organized, transparent, inclusive, coordinated dialogue process with the government (based on 12 good practice principles) that seeks to develop actionable and constructive strategies to influence policy issues through collaborative governance; and
  • Viral Outreach and Interactive Communication Exchange (VOICE): Help raise the voice of under-represented stakeholders (e.g. SMEs and the informal sectors) and identify demand and comparative advantages from a broader range of stakeholders, through surveys, communications and outreach campaigns. 

Collectively these four tools are intended to help unlock systems to reduce corruption, remove barriers to entry, enable open competition, and improve service delivery to constituents.
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I am interested in knowing more about this initiative.

More Specific Information

Could you explain more about this program? How is it run, budget and etc.

Partnership and Information

I am interested in knowing more about this initiative.

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