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Strengthening Networks

None of this can be done by one section of society working alone. The World Bank Institute (WBI) is helping create and strengthen networks within a group as well as bringing together coalitions of actors to help achieve reform more effectively. Some of these networks include the Affiliated Networks for Social Accountability (ANSA), Voices Against Corruption, Parliamentary Networks and the IMAGE network for journalists.

Access to Information: The ATI Program is working toward strengthening various networks of practitioners focused on frontier areas of ATI. For instance practitioners trying to enhance transparency and participation in public institutions beyond the Executive branch, including supreme audit institutions, parliaments, ombudsman offices, as well as practitioners exploring how to enhance transparency through the use of ICTs. Additionally, a community of practice of ATI oversees networks in Latin America.

ANSA: WBI works with the Affiliated Networks for Social Accountability (ANSA) in Africa, East Asia and Pacific, and South Asia to help civil society organizations monitor the effects of procurement reforms and support citizens’ demand for public accountability. ANSA creates and supports regional networks of practitioners—both governmental and nongovernmental—in the field of social accountability.

IMAGE: WBI’s media program is working with journalists in Burundi, Tanzania, Ghana and a few additional African countries who cover the budget cycle. The program is working over a one-year period with journalists who cover budget issues. The media program helps build the journalists’ capacity in the analysis and understanding of this difficult topic. It will also work with each individual journalist enrolled in the program to flesh out and strengthen an article on this topic that will eventually be published by their institutions. 

Parliamentary Networks: WBI fosters and strengthens parliamentary networks in order to build the capacity of parliaments and communities of practice around strategic themes, particularly open budgeting, climate change, and governance of extractive industries. Networks of like-minded Members of Parliament and parliamentary staff act as platforms for knowledge exchange, south-south learning, and structured learning whilst identifying innovative approaches to parliamentary reform. These networks also provide a forum through which other stakeholders (e.g. Ministries of Finance, Supreme Audit Institutions, Procurement Authorities, Affiliated Networks for Social Accountability, and Procurement Watch Coalitions) can engage target Members of Parliament so as to identify common purposes and start building multi-stakeholder coalitions for reform. 

Voices Against Corruption: Voices Against Corruption is a network of emerging leaders fighting corruption around the world. The network brings together civil society leaders, journalists and musicians, who share approaches, ideas and resources such as ICT based anti-corruption tools.


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