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Past Activities

Sustainable Urban Land Use PlanningThis course provides participants with a functional and integrated understanding of the dynamics of urban land use and demonstrates how to effectively utilize policies and planning instruments to manage urban g...April 02, 2014
Climate FinanceThis course takes stock of the tested knowledge and practices in climate finance from different development partners and delivers a unique and timely learning product to build participant capacities in planning...April 01, 2014
Golden Growth: Restoring the Lustre of the European Economic ModelThis course will provide a detail analysis of the attributes that makes the European Growth model unique and highlight its strengths and weaknesses.March 31, 2014
Basics of Health EconomicsHealth economics play an important role in making health systems more effective, efficient, and equitable. This e-Learning course provides the foundations for participants to better understand health economics ...March 26, 2014
Low Carbon Development: Planning & ModellingThis course has four modules - (i) Overview for Policymakers; (ii) Power; (iii) Household; (iv) Transport - which introduce you to climate change mitigation, explore the concepts surrounding low carbon developm...March 17, 2014
Energy Efficiency in Public BuildingsThis course equips different stakeholders with technical and program management skills, tools and knowledge on the “how” of identifying, developing and implementing Energy Efficiency programs in pub...March 10, 2014