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Third Latin American Meeting on the Right to Health and Healthcare Systems

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The third Meeting on the Right to Health and Healthcare Systems is a joint effort of the Supreme Court of Justice and the Ministry of Health of Brazil in cooperation with the World Bank Institute, the Pan-American Health Organization and the Inter-American Court on Human Rights.

The meeting will help identify success cases and lessons learned over the past years in different countries, as well as the challenges, problems and priorities for the future to ensure the progressive, equitable and sustainable implementation of the right to health in the Americas.

Judges of Supreme Courts, Ministers of Health, scholars, medical doctors, representatives of social organizations and patients from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay will gather in Brasilia to deepen the analysis of the systemic and social causes of the judicialization process of the right to health in each one of the participant countries. They will also discuss the design and implementation of specific policies and social actions that can improve the delivery of healthcare services and therefore contribute to the accomplishment of the right to health. Representatives from Kenya, Morocco and Spain will participate as observers.

This meeting is the continuation of work started in 2011 in San Jose, Costa Rica during the First Meeting and enriched in Buenos Aires, Argentina during the Second Meeting. The Meeting will enable the assessment of the progress made in Costa Rica, Uruguay and Brazil in the understanding and search of alternatives vis-à-vis a the judicialization of health in their countries through the different mechanisms around national dialogue scenarios.

You will also be able to follow the conference. 

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