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The World Bank Institute’s three-year Carbon Finance Capacity Building (CFCB) program will be represented at the C40 São Paulo Summit 2011. The CFCB program focuses on implementing Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects of the UN-Kyoto-Protocol in Emerging Mega Cities of the South. Currently, the CFCB program involves four Mega Cities: Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), Jakarta (Indonesia), Sao Paulo (Brazil), and Quezon City (Philippines).

The CFCB workshop at the C40 São Paulo Summit 2011 is a one and a half hours seminar which focuses on establishing a cross-institutional knowledge exchange and learning aptitude in each of the participating cities putting them in the position to implement carbon finance activities on their own and present results. 

Participation is by invitation only.

Each City will present its progress on developing Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) pilot project. In cooperation with the CFCB, Dar es Salaam has decided to undertake a CDM pilot project on waste management. Jakarta is currently looking for a CDM pilot project opportunity in waste management within city. Quezon City has decided the pilot project to be focused on street lighting. Sao Paulo focuses on waste management in the two largest Favelas (slum areas), Heliopolis and Paraisopolis, to promote decentralized organic waste treatment systems in informal housing settlements. 

Mayor of Dar es Salaam: Alhaj Adam Omari Kimbisa
Governor of Jakarta: Fauzi Bowo
Mayor of Quezon City: Herbert Constantine Maclang Bautista
Mayor of Sao Paulo: Gilberto Kassab

Sao Paulo City Hall

C40 Cities – Climate Readership Group