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The National Workshop on "Better Governance in Healthcare Services Delivery: A Road to Universal Health Coverage” will take place in Sharm El-Sheik on February 20-23, 2014

The workshop is being prepared in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Population, the World Bank, the World Bank Institute’s Health Systems Practice, and Misr el Kheir Organization, the largest charitable CSO operating in Egypt. The workshop provides an interactive learning and knowledge sharing platform for diverse stakeholders for advancing universal health coverage through better governance, in particular accountability and transparency, in the performance of health systems and in the delivery of quality health care. It also seeks to support Egypt and align its efforts not only to address gaps in the health sector performance overall but also to contribute to the broader accountability and fairness that underpins the World Bank’s Strategy for the Health/Population and Nutrition Sector in the MENA region.

The workshop includes a diverse audience from government, civil society organizations, private sector, and operational staff. The workshop will be followed by a Technical Expert Retreat for the newly appointed Task Force on Governance and Social Accountability in the Ministry of Health and Population to review the recommendations and identify the process and strategic directions for improving governance and accountability in healthcare services delivery, including the roles and responsibilities of the Task Force in this process. The Retreat will take place on February 23-24.

Please view here.

The workshop will be launched by the Minister of Health, Egypt and Mr. Hartwig Schafer, the Country Director for Egypt.
Please refer to the agenda for the biographies of the faculty for the workshop. 

All materials  (presentations by faculty) for the workshop are being developed and will be translated in Arabic, to the extent feasible. See agenda for additional list of resources that participants can read at their leisure.

Overall design and development is led by the World Bank Institute Health Systems (WBIHS), in collaboration with the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population, the World Bank's Human Development Group for the Middle East and North Africa (MNSHD), and Misr el Kheir Organization (MEK).

The workshop is funded by WBIHS, MNSHD, and MEK.

For logistical arrangements, please contact Mariam Ghaly.


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