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Friday, April 11, 2014
11:00am – 12:30pm (Time Converter
Room I2-220 | World Bank I Building

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"Is my government spending public money efficiently?" "How can I participate in public budgeting?" "How do I ‘follow the money’ to see where public recourses are allocated?"

At the center of these questions is the reality that budgets influence public service delivery, and that citizen-responsive budgeting can improve the way governments deliver services. Participation in the budget process allows citizens to voice their priorities in resource allocations, monitor public expenditure, and hold government’s accountable for the quality of services.

Opportunities for public participation around the budget cycle are growing as more governments are opening up their budget data, and the international development organizations, including the World Bank Group, are spearheading the global agenda on fiscal transparency and open data. This trend has created new space for the use of data by CSOs, media, parliaments, and citizens to increase government accountability. However, the use of data by non-state actors is still lagging partly due to insufficient capacity.

This session provides an overview of how the World Bank’s Open Budgeting Program helps bridge this gap. Join us to discuss how building capacity of the governments as well as CSOs, media, parliaments, and citizens can help them work together around public budgeting to enhance public accountability and delivery of services.


Keith McLean, Lead Social Development Specialist
World Bank Institute


  • Mongo Aharh-Kpessou (tbc), Permanent Secretary
    Ministry of Economy and Finance, Togo
  • Oluseun Onigbinde, Knight International Jounalism Fellow, Nigeria
    Co-Founder, BudgIT
  • George Osei-Bimpeh, Country Director

Visitors should email Diana Obrero by April 9 with name and organization in order to obtain a visitor's pass.

Comments (4)

Great initiative - BOOST

Great initiative!

Hope it does have a positive impact on public finance accountability for developing nations.

Keep up the good work!

Is my government spending public money efficiently

Great to learn of this space

Webcast Link

Hi Joel, you can watch the webcast here tomorrow: http://streaming2.worldbank.org:8080/vvflash/extlive2/

Thank you.

"Is my government spending public money efficiently

Kindly allow me to watch this webcast.


Joel Obengo

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