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Over the course of the past few years, the world has become increasingly complex, with continued economic malaise in the Euro zone, more modest growth in the BRIC countries, and increasing skepticism over future prosperity in other markets. While the forces of globalization serve to further reduce the gaps between nations, the challenges facing policymakers and development practitioners, rather than being simplified, have become even more daunting.

In response to these challenges, the World Bank Institute will once again offer its flagship leadership course, "Frontiers in Development Policy," during the week of April 14-18th, 2014 in Washington, DC. Frontiers in Development Policy equips policymakers with a broad-based understanding of the functioning and the complexity of the modern economy, as well as with a better awareness of the latest thinking and 'how to' of development policy. The course will prove most useful for emerging policymakers and development practitioners, including newly appointed officials, for whom a broad-based understanding of the development process and modern economic issues is required.

Increasingly challenging and complex policymaking environment
The conduct of development policy can be a very complex and challenging exercise. A typical policymaker has to deal with a multitude of challenges which are often closely interlinked. Successful policymaking, thus, requires a solid awareness of specific issues, combined with a good understanding of how the different issues interact with one another. Moreover, the ability to design and to formulate an effective development strategy has to be complemented with the capacity to implement it.

Cutting edge leadership course with a holistic approach and practical focus
The Leadership Course “Frontiers in Development Policy” provides participants (i) with a broad-based understanding of the functioning and the complexity of a modern economy, and (ii) with a better awareness of the latest thinking and approaches to development policy. The course puts a strong emphasis on enhancing the participants’ knowledge and skills to formulate and implement policies and programs, and to deal with the emerging policy challenges in a rapidly changing world. The numerous inter-linkages in the development process are thoroughly explored.

Major themes include:

  • Defining Development and the Development Challenges in the 21st Century
  • Engines of Growth and Competitiveness
  • Governance: Enhancing Public Sector and Provision of Public Goods and Basic Services
  • Addressing Human and Social Development Issues
  • Managing Risks and Exogenous Shocks

The Course underscores the practical aspects of development policy by focusing on the ‘how to’ of reforms—using carefully selected case studies to discuss what worked and did not work.

Well-targeted curriculum
This Course targets “up-and-coming” policymakers and development practitioners who are likely to be future leaders and change agents. They may be experts in specific aspects of development, or newly appointed officials, who require a “well-rounded” understanding of the broader development process. The course will also be useful for university faculty, CSO representatives, and development policy analysts.

KDI School

Cost: $1000

The course will be conducted entirely in English, and participants will be expected to arrange their own travel and hotel booking.

Comments (22)

Course fee

What is the cost of participating in this course? And it is online if am correct?

Barnabas Z Bago


May I respectfully request for information how to attend the course and also apply scholarship for this course. I m working with the Dept of Health of our country Philippines. Thank you.

Melecio N Dy,MD, MPH

question a bout scholarship

i want to apply for this course . can i have a scholarship to attend ?
i am an agricultural economics professor in university in Iran

Rotate these courses

Most of these courses are run in the US. They should be rotated due to many issues such as visa etc. Rotating it will bring the course closer to the people. It can be held for various regions of the world based on World Bank classification.

Leadership in Development Frontiers

Hi Colleagues,
I attended similar course in the last two years. It is very interesting course, which equips leaders with competitive solutions. I would wish to apply for the same in order to sharpen my techniques in dealing with current development issues and strategies.


I really would like to attend the course. However,my organization can not afford to sponsor me. I therefore wanted to find out if there are any scholarships.


I want to apply for this course but I'd like to know if I can have a scolarshop for it. Thank you
Best regards.
DIANE Aboubakar

Interest and inquiry

Glad to demonstrate my feeling and interest to attend ur course and to find out if there's possibility of paying d course fee at the venue upon arrival? Managing of gamji communication Nigeria ltd.

About the course

This course is beneficial for the current policy leaders and leaders for the tomorrow. Is there any provision for scholarship/fellowship or any other assistance to attend the course?

Access to Last year fund

I paid for last year 2013 course on Frontier Development policy programme 2013, but I could not attend because of late realised of my visa, so my question is that, haven paid last year which I could not attend because of the reason stated above am I allow to attend this 2014 using 2013 payment is it possible?

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