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The Next-Generation of Geospatial Technology and the World Bank’s Role in Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to enhance Development Outcomes.

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Friday, September 9, 2011
10 am - 12 pm (noon)
World Bank Headquarters, 701 18th Street, NW (J Building), Auditorium J1-050, Washington DC

Many work programs within the World Bank are now embracing the use of ICT tools for engaging citizens, gathering data, disseminating information, improving transparency and accountability, and ensuring better communication and collaboration. These tools have been employed both in country-level work as well as through efforts to open up the World Bank’s processes.

Please join us for a conversation with Esri president Jack Dangermond who was one of several GIS pioneers, founding Esri in 1969 with the vision that GIS technology could make a difference in society. 

This session will allow World Bank staff to learn about future possibilities of geospatial technology and how they can use those technologies to meet various development goals.

At the same time, Esri staff will be able to learn what features, capabilities, and general support an institution such as the World Bank may need from geographic information science.



Speaker: Jack Dangermond, President and Founder of Esri

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