Right to Information in Bangladesh | World Bank Institute (WBI)

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Right to Information in Bangladesh

This video showcases how Right to Information (RTI) is being used in Bangladesh by stakeholders such as grassroots groups, journalists and youth groups. By focusing on individual stories, the video describes three initiatives led by partners of WBI’s Access to Information Program and supported through the CIDA-WBI Governance Program. As a result, more than 100 trainers, nearly 1,000 community-based organizations and grassroots groups, and 30,000 villagers (37% women), youth and media have been trained on the use of RTI. This support has led to the filing of more than 400 information requests under the RTI Act, investigative journalism articles, and RTI stories through which citizens in Bangladesh have been able to know and demand their entitlements regarding social programs, as well as to increase accountability in service delivery and public expenditure. This is contributing to overcome the culture of silence (by citizens demanding their entitlements) and the culture of secrecy (by government officials to disclose information).