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Animation: Learning from Megadisasters

Learning never stops!

Lucid, short, simple and informative.

It'd be great to have more such animations on other themes as well.

Japanese & Uttarkhand Megadisasters

These heart-wrenching disasters humbled our capabilities against forces of nature; at times, also human folly in contributing to these mega-disasters.I pray we learnt & will be much better prepared in the future, by respecting nature and her awesome forces that can affect anyone, anywhere & anytime.I agree with my esteemed colleagues in their take of the animation.It ought be mandatory for all citizens, especially school children (appropriate age)to view such fury of nature to mainstream preparedness & strengthen capacity to deal with disasters.
Far-fetched as it may be,regional consortia,pluri-lateral or, better, multilateral agreements aimed at humanitarian and emergency assistance outfits to minimize damage to critical, vital facilities like nuclear reactors, hospitals, & ports(including access to them in the middle of the chaos that's sure to follow) ought to be secured,& mitigate harm,generally. Perhaps,the redesign of vital facilities is worth the effort,given the present global conditions,with disaster-specific landscaping & architecture(including resilience improving materials to include struts & springs, with fuzzy logic & neuro-economics in mind),instead of the brick/mortar mix. Not child's play. Climate change?
Kind regards,
Vincent Das

Work of sheer beauty.

Work of sheer beauty.


I believe some disasters are so big, like Philippines' cyclone recently, Haiti, Japan, Tsunani-2004,Katrina...proactive/holistic; collaborative resilient response is the best way forward, followed by search & rescue, resettlement, rehabilitation, treatment...mega disasters have shown that the best of us can be overwhelmed. Shared capacity and harm mitigation demonstrates responsible stewardship and improve International relations , as well as public diplomacy.

Animation of japan DRM

i agree i think it is an excellent animation simple, informative and encouraging.

animation of Japan disaster risk management => for Tsunami

Excellent animation

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