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WBI launches Learning Forum: Governance of Technical and Engineering Education in India

Governance of Technical and Engineering Education in India - A Learning Forum

India has been undergoing rapid economic change with sustained high growth rates for more than a decade, and demand for skilled labor is increasing substantially. Despite significant improvements, the education system has not been able to achieve a similar rapid pace of change as in other sectors of the national economy. As a consequence, skilled labor is becoming scarce and the returns to education, in particular to higher education, are rising.

In September 2009, policy makers and institutional leaders in five Indian states: Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and West Bengal will join the first Learning Forum organized by the World Bank and its Indian partners, to examine and benchmark state developments in governance of their higher education institutions.
Read the planning paper for the Learning Forum (pdf, 195kb)

The move toward greater autonomy, and the need for better accountability will have a profound impact on India’s tertiary education system. The Learning Forum provides an environment for senior policy makers and practitioners to develop a strategic framework for effective governance, and support of systemic reforms at the state and institutional levels. This is a follow-up to the conference on Accountability and Autonomy in Engineering Education: What is Working

For more information contact: Anne Kroijer akroijer@worldbank.org


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