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Development Marketplace 2009: Climate Adaptation Global Competition

The Development Marketplace 2009 Global Competition on Climate Adaptation "100 Ideas to Save the Planet" is taking place November 10-13, 2009. 

Visit the Development Marketplace blog and website to participate and see video coverage of the event, interviews with finalists, the awards ceremonies, and more.

The Development Marketplace is a competitive grant program created by the World Bank in 1998. This year's global competition is on climate adaptation.

100 social entrepreneurs and development practitioners from some 50 countries representing the most innovative and high-potential project ideas on climate adaptation are presenting their projects, and competing for grants of up to $200,000.

These 100 creative and practical proposals were culled from more than 1,700 applications. Some of the finalists are Indigenous Peoples, who number 250 million worldwide and are among the earth’s most environmentally threatened inhabitants.

Donor support for Development Marketplace 2009 has been provided by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Development Marketplace 2009 is jointly sponsored by the World Bank Institute and the World Bank's Sustainable Development Network.