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Available Now: New Practitioner Resources on Access to Information

Citizens’ Access to Information (ATI) is an essential step to ensuring transparency and accountability in government.  Promotion of ATI must be addressed through different channels.     

Targeted for practitioners working on governance and transparency issues, the World Bank Institute (WBI) has recently published three working papers with examples of how countries have undertaken proactive disclosure of public information; citizen participation and transparency in Supreme Audit Institutions; and transparency in the judiciary.

Proactive Transparency: The future of the right to information? A review of standards, challenges, and opportunities (PDF 1717KB) by Helen Darbishire, Access Info Europe

Access to Public Information and Citizen Participation in Supreme Audit Institutions (SAI): Guide to Good Practices 
(PDF 2408 KB) by Ezequiel Nino, Argentina’s Asociacion por la Igualdad y la Justicia (Association for Equality and Justice)

  • Given its important role, there are increasing demands for SAIs to promote ATI, transparency, and citizen participation mechanisms into the work they carry out. This paper describes various practices and provides examples of such efforts in Latin America.

Access to Information and Transparency in the Judiciary: A Guide to Good Practices from Latin America 
(PDF 2319KB) by Alvaro Herrero and Gaspar Lopez, Argentina’s Asociacion por los Derechos Civiles (ADC, Association for Civil Rights)

  • While acknowledging the importance of the Judiciary's independence, this paper highlights its connections between transparency, citizen participation and accountability within the Judiciary (including the relationship with other actors such as civil society and the media). It provides examples of practices and experiences in the administrative and jurisdictional operations of the Judiciary in Latin America.

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