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International Workshop for Knowledge Sharing from Mega Disasters

A team of international experts from the USA, Canada, China, India, Turkey, and the UK, among other countries, attended Knowledge Sharing from Mega Disasters workshop on January 17-18, 2012 in Tokyo, Japan. They discussed lessons emerging from the Japanese earthquake and tsunami of March 2011 with representatives from the Government of Japan, Japanese academics, and non-government organizations.

This workshop was part of a broader program, Learning from Mega Disasters: Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Exchange, which was launched by the Government of Japan and the World Bank in October 2011. The program will help Japan share its lessons from disaster risk management and reconstruction with the rest of the world. 

During the workshop, advisors from various institutions provided guidance to the team shaping knowledge notes that are being developed. Topics covered in the meeting included:

  • Structural risk reduction measures (dyke construction and building codes review).
  • Non-structural risk reduction measures (central disaster risk management planing, urban planning, and warning systems).
  • Emergency response and preparedness.
  • Recovery process and reconstruction planning (transition shelters, debris management, and evacuation).
  • Improving hazard and risk information and decision making (hazard map, risk assessment).
  • Economics of disaster risk management and financing (earthquake insurance).

    This event also promoted discussion among experts and participants about the important role that social media and cutting edge-technologies played in the Japanese earthquake. The next meeting will take place in May. 

    The World Bank Institute (WBI) is coordinating this knowledge exchange initiative. The final report will be presented at the World Bank-International Monetary Fund Annual Meetings, which will take place in Sendai, Japan in October 2012.


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