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Rio de Janeiro Low Carbon City Development Program Launches

The Rio de Janeiro Low Carbon City Development Program (LCCDP) is a comprehensive, cross-sectoral climate change mitigation program at the sub national level.  The Carbon Finance-Assist Program at the World Bank Institute’s Climate Change Practice and the Latin America and Caribbean department of the World Bank are pioneering an innovative city level program for climate change mitigation with the City of Rio de Janeiro.

Certified according to the ISO standards, the program is a business model for low carbon development at the municipal level ready to be applied in cities around the globe.

The mayor of the city, Eduardo Paes, will formally launch the program on June 18, 2012 – this launch will take place at the Rio+20 Mayors’ Summit at Copacabana. Special advisor to the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Mr. Rodrigo Rosa talks about this in an interview.

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