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Ford Foundation Commits $3M to Global Partnership for Social Accountability

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The Ford Foundation announced an initial investment of $3 million to the World Bank’s Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA), on December 17th.

The GPSA aims to support civil society organizations (CSOs) working on social accountability in developing countries.
The World Bank has invested $20 million to create the facility and is inviting bilateral donors and foundations to join the partnership by contributing additional funds.

Support will be provided on two fronts: funding and knowledge. Grants for three to five years will be available for capacity building, research and knowledge dissemination, networking and programmatic activities related to social accountability. The GPSA will also support a global knowledge platform on the impact of social accountability interventions.

The GPSA Steering Committee members include Lindsay Coates (InterAction), Said Issa (ANSA-Arab World), Akwasi Aidoo (TrustAfrica) as CSO members; representatives from Malawi, Dominican Republic and Bangladesh as government members; and the Ford Foundation, DfID and Finland as donor members.  The steering committee sets strategic directions for the GPSA and decides grant allocations.

The GPSA is initially managed by the World Bank Institute.

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Criteria to partner with GPSA,Research and dissemination.

I am very happy with the WorldBank and some philanthropists the way they are after poverty in the World today through GPSA. Please how can my organization be supported. We are a registered CSO/NGO and our duty is the development of School dropouts, Rural settlers School on wheel support,Advocacy on Vocational Education and Research on poverty reduction strategy.

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