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The Art of Knowledge Exchange: A Primer for Government Officials and Development Practitioners

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In an inter-connected world, policymakers and development practitioners are eager to connect with peers in other countries who have overcome similar real-world challenges, learn from their experiences and build horizontal partnerships based on equity, trust, mutual benefit, and long-term relationships. Mounting evidence suggests that such exchanges, commonly referred to as South-South knowledge exchanges, can contribute to broadening development options, accelerating reforms and strengthening local ownership.

The Art of Knowledge Exchange Primer is for those who are involved in such knowledge exchange initiatives. Identifying the right partners, planning for the exchange, making it happen and sharing the lessons can all be a major undertaking. In fact, the Primer takes the guesswork out of the process by breaking the complexity of knowledge sharing lifecycle into simple steps and summarizing good practices.
Whether you are involved in the planning, funding, implementation, or evaluation of a knowledge exchange, look no further. Access a step-by- step framework with concrete tips that can make your next knowledge exchange relevant and impactful.


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