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Animated videos to support learning experience of e-course participants

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The Carbon Finance-Assist program at the World Bank Institute Climate Change Practice (WBICC) has over the last few years developed nine e-learning courses on various aspects of Low Emissions Development and Carbon Finance. Two additional courses – on Low Carbon Development Investment Planning and Climate Finance – are currently in the production pipeline.

Short, animated videos play an important complementary role to enhance a learner’s experience through a concise summary of what is covered in the courses. The videos can be accessed through the links below; the e-courses can be accessed through the WBI e-Institute website. 

The videos featured have been financed by Carbon Finance-Assist, a multi-donor Trust Fund and capacity building program on Low Emissions Development Policy and Finance.

Climate Finance e-Course: Video 
Policy Instruments for Low Emissions Development e-Course: Video
Emissions Trading Schemes e-Course: Video
Cities and Climate Change e-Course: Video (English); Video (Spanish) 
Energy Sector Strategies to Support Green Growth e-Course: Video

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