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Rethinking Cities

Read the latest blog post, "Rethinking Cities" from the World Bank Institute's Abha Joshi-Ghani, Director for Knowledge Exchange and Learning.

In her post, Joshi-Ghani talks about the importance behind rethinking cities, pointing to urbanization and urban policies as vital factors in this transformation that sees, as she writes, 4 million moving into cities every week and 2.7 billion more moving into cities by 2030. She delves specifically into various factors that affect city life, like city competition, improving the "flow of goods, people, and ideas across cities," reducing "fragmentation, segmentation, and social divisions," and ways to ensure gender inclusivity, amongst other examples.

Joshi-Ghani writes that to rethink cities, it is vital to understand the "economic promise of cities," going into factors like housing shortages, inclusiveness, if growing cities are "livable," and why urbanization holds such strong potential.

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