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A Vibrant Community of Practice in Latin America and the Caribbean for Strategies in Low Emissions Development

(c) World Bank, Chile
(c) Curt Carnemark / World Bank, Chile

The number of countries in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) designing plans to achieve developmental goals that lower emissions and improve climate resilience is on a rise. In response, a LAC regional platform of the Low Emissions Development Strategies Global Partnership (LEDS GP) has been engaging key stakeholders since its inception in November 2012 in Costa Rica. 

After the success of its first regional capacity building event in 2012, preparations are now underway for the II LEDS LAC Platform Workshop, to be held in Lima, Peru from December 4-6, 2013.  The event, which is hosted by the Government of Peru, will provide a forum for Latin American officials, international organizations, technical experts, and other stakeholders in the region to share experiences with best practices, participate in training, establish collaborative links, and find innovative ways to achieve low-carbon development that is resilient to the impacts of climate change.

As a precursor to the face-to-face gathering, the World Bank Institute (WBI) and the LEDS LAC Regional Platform are organizing a series of four webinars on strategies to achieve low emissions development. The series addresses each of the issues prioritized during the I LEDS LAC Platform Workshop in Costa Rica: 1) planning and process, 2) financing, 3) assessing co-benefits, and 4) linking LEDS and adaptation.

The first webinar of the series, ‘Building a Common Vision in LEDS Planning,’ discussed the best practices and emerging tools for planning and LEDS processes, including presentations of an overview of key concepts from the UNDP, followed by national experiences in Mitigation Action Plans and Scenarios (MAPS) programs in Peru and Chile. The second webinar to the series recently concluded, titled ‘Financing investments in low emissions development,” will be continuing in a second segment, due to the vast participant interest in the topic.

Given this momentum and capacity building effort, the LEDS LAC Regional Platform is establishing a vibrant community of practice that brings together leaders of low-emissions development in Latin America and the Caribbean with expectations to make concrete contributions in the region that advance social, economic, and environmental objectives. The next step in this endeavor is the II LEDS LAC Platform Workshop, where priorities for 2014 will emerge, setting the stage for another active year in LAC.

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