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Complicated vs. Complex, Part II

Read the latest blog post, "Complicated vs. Complex, Part II: Solving the World’s Most Difficult Challenges" by the World Bank Institute's Director of Innovation Labs, Aleem Walji. This post follows Walji's Complicated vs. Complex Part I, in which he blogged about the difference between complicated and complex systems.

In this post, Walji opens up by noting the role humility plays in confronting problems; that when we approach, we may not necessarily know the answer or even the right problem, and "if we address symptoms rather than root causes, we can exacerbate conditions." Acknowledging his first post on the matter of complex and complicated systems, Walji breaks down what makes a complex and complicated system (in terms of planning, goals, focus, and execution) and explains why that matters. He goes on to talk about scaling up and solutions, and the relationship between the two, coming to the conclusion that solutions "may not always scale" but "the processes by which we experiment, learn, and adapt" can. 

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