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GOXI: 2000 Strong

The World Bank Institute, in its role as a global connector of knowledge, learning, and innovation for development, has vast experience facilitating communities of practice that not only make information accessible, but also strengthen collaboration for enhanced development outcomes. 

These communities of practice are particularly successful when they convene a committed group of individuals, who share a common passion for a particular issue. That’s exactly the key to the success of the GOXI Community – a community of practice focused on the extractives industries sector – which has just reached 2000 members.  

Extractive industries impact the lives of millions every day. Oil, gas, and mining projects are shaping livelihoods, communities, and the environment around the globe. Extractive industries are the backbone of the economy for many developing countries. Good governance is critical to development. In no sector is this more clearly demonstrated than in extractive industries. A recent McKinsey Global Institute Report from December 2013 estimates “540 million people in resource-driven countries could be lifted out of poverty by effective development and use or reserves.”

Promoting better governance in extractive industries is not merely a political economic issue. It is an issue of sustainable development and long term shared prosperity.

The GOXI Community is currently among the largest existing networks of government officials, development practitioners, extractive industries representatives, academics, civil society, and others with an interest in extractive industries related issues. It has become a space for dialogue and platform for innovation and collaboration serving those actively working on governance issues in this critical sector. 

GOXI was launched in 2010 by the Governance for Extractive Industries (GEI) Program at the World Bank Institute in response to needs identified in a series of GEI consultations. Since then, GOXI has facilitated exchange across stakeholders, countries, and initiatives.  Different approaches have been used to spark knowledge exchange and learning between members of the GOXI community, also known as GOXIans. These have included face-to-face meetings, learning events, seminars, and most importantly, the online presence through www.goxi.org, GOXI’s portal.

GOXI begins this year, going 2000 strong!  Not only with the achievement of a big milestone, 2000 community members, but also celebrating UNDP joining WBI as convener of GOXI.   

UNDP and the World Bank are both among the key global players actively working to promote sustainable extractive sector governance for development. The two institutions have partnered to support the further development of the GOXI community. This will not only involve improving the services offered to GOXIans but also open up possibilities for further functionalities for GOXI, such as enhancing the multi-language functions of goxi.org and setting up an e-library. These developments will support GOXIans representing 104 countries from around the world to continue to use GOXI to discuss big ideas, share events and opinions, connect across stakeholder boundaries, learn about what is happening around the world in the field, identify potential experts and partners for projects, and even find new career opportunities with an improved user experience. 

To celebrate these two exciting developments, GOXI is planning a series of activities throughout 2014. 

Visit GOXI to join and for updates on upcoming events and learning opportunities. Working collaboratively, harnessing the tools, perspectives and expertise available through this growing network of practitioners, we envision better governance of the extractive industries  with consequent benefits for all citizens.

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