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New eLearning Course on Street Addressing

(c) Anny Osabutey
(c) Anny Osabutey

The city mapping, street addressing methodology, and e-learning course on Street Addressing was put to good use in Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana. According to Catherine Farvaque-Vitkovic, lead urban specialist, WBIKL, giving names to streets is only a means to an end. "The real problem cities are trying to solve is service delivery. When properties have actual addresses and those addresses reside in databases, all kinds of things become possible. Solid waste pickups can be routed more efficiently. Road maintenance can be done more systematically. And cities can manage their inventories of public buildings and land more effectively."

Citiscope just published a story about this. See more here.  

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please how do I register and participate in this course

I am very interested.


please how do I register and participate in this course

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